Gold Coin

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  • Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin


    Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin – The Gold Kangaroo offers an unrivalled combination of quality and fascinating wildlife design, which brings this Gold bullion coin series to life.

  • Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin


    Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin – is the best selling of all the gold bullion coins in Europe. It has a fineness of 999.9 or 24 carat and is the largest diameter one ounce pure gold coin in the world. Each coin is stamped with imagery that oozes with Austrian cultural pride.

  • British Half Sovereign


    British Half Gold Sovereign Coin – The half sovereign is a British coin with a value of half the full sovereign. The half sovereign’s diameter is 19.30 mm, a weight of 3.99 g, are made of 22 carat gold alloy, and 3.66g of gold

  • Canadian Gold Maple Coin


    As gold bullion coins go, Canadian Maples are among the most desirable on the market. They are guaranteed by the Government of Canada and have been traded on the world markets since 1979. It is so desired because it contains no base metals at all only gold from mines in Canada. It is considered the purest gold bullion coin in the world. Since its release in 1979, the 1 oz Gold Maple Leaf has appealed to both investors and collectors alike for its beauty and purity.

  • Canadian Gold Maple Coin 1/10th Oz


    Canadian Maple Leafs Coin – containing 1/10 oz of gold. Maples are the official bullion coin of Canada

  • Gold Britannia Coin


    Gold Britannia Coin –  The 1oz Gold Britannia is the best selling of all the 1oz gold bullion coins in the United Kingdom. It has a fineness of 9999 or 24 carat. Each coin is stamped with imagery of Britannia symbolising British strength and power.

  • Gold Sovereign Coin


    Gold sovereigns have been produced since 1817. The gold content was fixed by the coin act of 1816 at 7.32g unchanged to date. They are 24 carat gold.

  • US Gold Eagle Coin


    The obverse of the coin is stamped with a image of Lady Liberty with flowing hair holding a torch in her right hand and an olive branch in her left. This side is also stamped with an image of the capitol building in the background.